We spend most of our time indoors: at home, at school, at our sports clubs or at the office. But the air we breathe there is far too often polluted with fine particles. This was demonstrated by a recent survey conducted in 222 primary schools: the quality of the air was worrying in 61 % of them.

Fine particles penetrate our lungs, causing all sorts of health problems: infections, heart and vascular diseases or even lung cancer. “Pollution of the air in schools increases the risk of asthma, allergies and diabetes in children,” explains Dr Arrazola de Oñate from the Flemish Association for Respiratory Health and Combatting Tuberculosis (VRGT). “And it also has a negative impact on their cognitive development.” Nor are businesses spared by the negative consequences of this ambient pollution, which can result in a fall in the workforce’s performance or problematical absenteeism. Fortunately, Siemens has the solution.

No more fine particles

Siemens’s brand new Symaro fine particle sensor calls on laser technology to measure the ambient air in work spaces. Particles are classified in two categories according to their diameter: from 0.3 to 2.5 microns or 0.3 to 10 microns. The sensor can be adjusted easily to take the different national requirements into account.

Fine particle sensor

The display only functions when there are people present. When the space is empty, the device significantly reduces its measurement frequency, which helps to extend its lifetime. And when the sensor’s measurement module finally gives up the ghost, it is very easy to replace.


Creating Perfect Places

This fine particle sensor completes Siemens’s range dedicated to the quality of the ambient air. This also includes:

  • Sensors that reduce the concentration of COand increase the amount of oxygen, thus improving the workforce’s productivity.
  • Technologies focused on optimizing the ambient humidity and temperature, to reduce the risk of infections such as flu.
  • Sensors for measuring the volatile organic compounds (VOC) given off by carpets and furniture.

All these technologies are connected to Siemens’s HVAC systems, seamlessly integrating into smart building technical management systems. A winning combination for a high-quality ambient atmosphere and spaces where you always feel your best and are in great form. In a nutshell, perfect places from every point of view.

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