The building manager’s profession is going through a period of profound change. The number of options available for making buildings safer, more effective and energy-efficient is growing by the day. These new technologies also offer a number of optimization possibilities. To help building managers make the most of them and facilitate their task, Building Technologies proposes a wide range of services, presented in this video.

Monitoring the data relative to the different technologies used in your building, analyzing and using them to optimize its performance: this is the very essence of the services proposed by Siemens Building Technologies. Or, as Peter Gorrebeeck (Head Portfolio & Support) puts it in the video: “We are transforming big data into smart data. And thanks to our advanced analysis and reporting functions, we can optimize your building’s performance.”

Optimization above all

In this video, you will be able, among other things, to discover:

  • The optimum interaction between the technologies used in your building in Desigo CC
  • How we can monitor and correct your building’s performance remotely from our IBOC center (Intelligent Building Operation Center)
  • The link between digitization and improving preventive and predictive maintenance
  • The reasons why these services will continue to be a People

Business.Contact: Peter Gorrebeeck – +32 253 66704

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