Uniwax, the Ivory Coast subsidiary of the Dutch group Vlisco, is the undisputed leader in manufacturing wax cloth and has a permanent presence on all local markets.

Wax is their preferred material
Wax cloth refers to colored cotton fabric printed with various motifs. The rolls of printed fabric are around 6 meters long. The method is inspired by traditional batik. There may be up to 27 manufacturing stages for “super-wax”, the very best, from bleaching the fabric to dyeing, via pressing under a large copper cylinder engraved with the desired motifs, the grooves of which are filled with hot wax. In general, the fabric is used to make traditional and non-traditional clothing, attracting the interest of craftsmen on the markets along with fashion designers, accessory makers and the ready-to-wear world.

Siemens is putting the color back into Uniwax
Uniwax called on Siemens’ experience and solutions to control the speed of its various motors for the fabric dyeing lines according to the angle of incline of the arms.

The aim is to avoid tearing the cloth during the entire dyeing and rinsing process. The overhaul mainly involved replacing DC motors with geared motors and SINAMICS controllers from Siemens, and replacing switches with a SIMATIC S7-300 PLC which communicates with SINAMICS controllers using the PROFIBUS field bus system.

The solution provided also allows the status of the various equipment which makes up the system to be displayed in full, along with the various alarms and any faults which may arise, thus allowing the operation or shutdown of the line to be controlled.

Innovating to improve the life of our customers, society and each and every one of us is our promise and what drives us.

Adding color to life: that’s ingenuity for life.