Innovative technologies are optimizing Tarfaya wind’s energy output and therefore helping make Morocco’s plan for a sustainable future a reality.

On Morocco’s southwest coast, a steady wind blows in each day from the Atlantic ocean. Today, the wind brings a new way of life not just to this coastal region, but to all of Morocco, as the wind becomes an important source of renewable energy.

Les éoliennes terrestres SWT-2.3-101 de Siemens transforment le vent de Tarfaya en une énergie propre au service de millions de Marocains. C’est l’ingéniosité au service de la vie.

Tarfaya is the site of Africa’s largest onshore wind farm to date with a capacity of 300 MW – enough power for 1.5 million homes. By 2020, Morocco plans to cover 42% of its energy needs with renewable sources. A target raised to 52% by 2030.

For Tarfaya, the Siemens wind turbines have been specifically adapted to withstand the corrosive conditions of both the salty ocean winds, desert sandstorms and the year round hot weather. The turbines are equipped with a cooling system designed for high performance in challenging, very dry and dusty sites. This special protection results in less turbine downtime and higher annual energy production.

The wind farm is connected to Morocco’s power grid via Siemens energy management solutions including transformers and control systems, ensuring a reliable supply of electricity for all the homes and businesses depending on it.

The renewable power generated from Tarfaya’s wind turbines is expected to offset 900,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

So, thanks to Tarfaya’s wind, Morocco is well on the way to reach its ambitious goals for economic development, environmental protection and quality of life.

Capturing the power of desert winds– and turning it into clean energy millions rely on. That’s Ingenuity for life.

State-of-the art wind turbines

Tarfaya wind farm is equipped with a state-of-the art type of wind turbines – the geared SWT-2.3-101 – that is ideal for moderate wind conditions. Its 101 meter rotor is specifically designed to catch more of the wind and optimize energy output.

The SWT-2.3-101 turbine sets the industry standard. Its design means that this robust onshore geared turbine offers low energy-production costs and proven reliability.

All geared turbines combine a rugged structural design, automatic lubrication system, internal climate control, and a slip ring-free generator system – a combination you can rely on, since it contributes to the turbines’ exceptional availability.