When you ask SCTE to build your electrical cabinets, you can be assured of a high-quality local service and the total success of your projects.

Ivory Coast is a major player on the African continent, with the ambition to be among the emerging countries by 2020.
A commitment that Siemens shares, in the shape of the support of its Belgian entity, its effective technology offering adapted to the specific needs of the country and its valuable network of local partners.
One of these, electric panel wiring company SCTE, undertakes numerous projects in close collaboration with Siemens.

SCTE, a local production center for customized low- and medium-voltage electrical cabinets incorporating Siemens technology components.
To meet the demands of the most exacting customers, SCTE, which is based in Grand Bassam, manufactures customized low- and medium-voltage electrical cabinets that incorporate innovative technology components from Siemens.

These cabinets are designed to meet the specific needs of projects in the worlds of industry, mining and oil, in the service sector (hotels and administrative buildings) and in the water sector (pumping stations), etc.

SCTE specializes in “on demand” production. This is a crucial competitive advantage that enables customers to be served faster and to have high-quality and reliable equipment that perfectly meets their needs.

With this strategic partnership with SCTE, Siemens is pursuing its aim of developing its activities in Ivory Coast and in the sub-region by bolstering local skills and creating added value in the country.
Selecting the best partners and cooperating in the long term constitutes one of the key elements of Siemens’ approach in Ivory Coast. Hence this partnership with SCTE represents an important stage in confirming our presence in Ivory Coast. At local level SCTE will offer a quality service to support all customers’ projects throughout their life cycle.

Aside from its technology expertise, Siemens wins its customers and partners over thanks to its local roots and its commitment to Ivory Coast. Siemens’ philosophy of commitment to its customers and its promotion of close cooperation with the local players enable it to play a part in shaping a society as well as solid and lasting cooperation arrangements.

In Ivory Coast, as everywhere in the world, we wish to put our ingenuity at the service of our customers, our partners, society and each and every one of us.

Quite simply, ingenuity for life.