• New firmware adds Fast PTI mode for precise positioning at even higher speeds
• Fast PTI mode comes with auto-tuning function
• Firmware update opens up new applications for Sinamics V90

New functions are being added to the proven Sinamics V90 servo drive system with the V1.11 version of the Sinamics firmware. The Fast PTI mode is now available for the drive system, increasing Pulse Train Input (PTI) performance by 70 percent. This improves the reaction time from the Pulse Train Input command to the activation of the motor. The improved reaction time opens up new application areas for the Sinamics
V90 which require higher dynamic performance such as high speed labeling as well as in the field of LED production (LED pick & place).

The Sinamics V90 servo converter can be quickly and easily commissioned using the Sinamics V-Assistant engineering tool and can be connected to the Simatic S7 series of controllers without any problems. The Sinamics V90 includes an integrated safe-
torque-off safety function and is also suitable for harsh environments. The auto-tuning function under Fast PTI mode is also optimized in order to ensure extremely dynamic performance in smooth operation.

For further information regarding the Sinamics V90, please visit www.siemens.com/sinamics-v90