SENTRON 3KD load switches and 3KF fuse switch disconnectors provide reliable personal safety and ensure a high level of system availability in industry, infrastructure and buildings. The latest 3KD and 3KF versions can be used for a wide range of applications and have innovative functionality for reporting problems and statuses. In short, it’s high time to make the switch!

3KD: reliable and compact

The new 3KD is a load switch, or load-break switch, which is installed in a low-voltage panel in order to energise or de-energise that panel. You could say it was like a washing machine that you can switch off without having to wait for it to finish its cycle first. The 3KF is a version with fuses. Locking functions prevent unauthorised switching during maintenance or repairs to machines. The (transparent) terminal cover offers good protection against accidental contact while the compact design also allows the space in switchgear, control cabinets or energy distributors to be used optimally.

3KF: safety is paramount

The terminal covers of the 3KF fuse switch disconnector prevent direct contact with live parts so that employees are protected while carrying out maintenance or repairs. Plug-in phase separators also offer protection against electric arcs in order to avoid work-related accidents. The fuse monitor signals fuses triggered or power failures so that immediate action can be taken. Both the 3KD and 3KF have a double break contact and are suitable for AC voltage applications up to 690 volts and DC voltage applications up to 440 volts. Special versions with Sitor cartridges prevent damage to sensitive electronic semiconductor components in frequency inverters and soft starters for motors, for example.

Intelligent test function

In order to eliminate risks, the SENTRON 3KD and 3KF meet all the necessary requirements of a main, emergency stop or isolating switch. The test function allows the control current to the building management or automation system to be tested safely while the main contacts remain switched off. In addition to a 3-pole version, Siemens also has a 1-, 2- and 4-pole version. These can also be used for direct current with fuse protection. Higher models are still expected in the future.

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