We spend 90 % of our lives indoors. This is why Siemens strives to create perfect living conditions for each and every one of us, focusing in particular on the quality of lighting. With the new Siemens dimmer module, the occupants can decide the level of lighting they want for themselves, possibly with energy savings into the bargain.

Spotlight or subdued lighting?

The brightness of the lighting must be suited to our activities. For example, reading and DIY require powerful lighting, whereas in the evening softer lighting will be more conducive to relaxation. Of course, you must avoid needlessly tiring your eyes when doing precision tasks, but the atmosphere in the room must remain agreeable.

In order to modulate the brightness of the lighting without having to multiply the number of lighting systems, dimmers are the ideal solution. Siemens’s Gamma series offers users total control over their lighting in the building, using tomorrow’s technology for the comfort of today’s occupants.

Modulate existing lighting too

You don’t want to have to redo all the wiring so you can implement several lighting scenarios? With the new Gamma universal dimmer (N 554), you won’t have to: it allows you to easily adjust the brightness of existing fittings and lamps, including LED lights.

Home-robotics geeks can download an app to adapt the lighting to their needs, but it’s also possible to set the brightness directly on the dimmer module, and even adapt the dimming gradient. As for LED lights – which until now had to continue to function with a very low-level current – they can now be switched off completely thanks to this new module.

Your lighting won’t be the only thing you can lower, there’s your electricity bill too

Softer lighting consumes less electricity. Lowering the brightness of the lighting in your home will therefore allow you to make energy savings. Furthermore, this new dimmer module is compatible with conventional filament lamps (which means you won’t have to scrap them all straight away) and with economical LED lights (to further reduce your power consumption).

The advantages at a glance

The universal dimmer module N 554 offers a number of technical advantages:

  • no need for new wiring
  • compatible with filament and LED lights (including for low wattages)
  • easy to install and program
  • access via ETS software or directly on the module
  • grouping of channels for lighting up to 1,000 VA

For further technical information, consult our website www.siemens.com/knx or contact us to discover what is possible for your building via our mailbox CPS.Sales.be@siemens.com