Fire detectors can save lives and businesses. But they are not always suited to demanding environments in terms of detection, aesthetics or sensitivity. Siemens has developed aspirating smoke detectors capable of distinguishing between smoke, vapor and dust: the FDA221 and FDA241 models. Offering unfailing reliability, even under difficult detection conditions, they can detect a fire at a very early stage, when it is still practically invisible.

Ever-more reliable detection thanks to their new technology

Aspirating smoke detection (ASD) is a technology that is used for the early detection of fire in a broad range of applications. The principle: air is permanently sucked in by a system of pipes with openings in the zones to be protected, and the samples taken are analyzed in a detection chamber to detect the presence of smoke.

Our innovative FDA221 and FDA241 detectors take aspirating smoke detection to new heights. Using different wavelengths to distinguish between disturbances and the real presence of a fire, they guarantee a high degree of reliability, even in the most exacting environments. Thanks to this dual-wavelength smart optical detection technology and the patented detection chamber, it is possible to detect a fire at an extremely early stage, with maximum precision.

Typical applications

Our new aspirating smoke detectors are particularly well suited to demanding environments, whether for aesthetic or safety reasons. This is particularly true in large spaces such as halls, warehouses and industrial production sites, or in areas that are difficult to access such as cable ducts or metro stations, and in well-ventilated premises such as datacenters or clean rooms.

Smart classification of aerosols

This optical detection technology uses two wavelengths: blue and infrared. The FDA221 and FDA241 are therefore able to detect the very fine particles in suspension that are given off at the very first stages of overheating or fire.

By identifying the size and concentration of these aerosols, the detectors can distinguish between smoke, dust and vapour. They therefore offer a higher degree of reliability and a better immunity to deceptive phenomena, which avoids the downtimes and costs caused by false alarms.

Low maintenance costs and long lifecycle

The patented detection chamber has been specially designed to keep dust penetration to a minimum. This guarantees a longer lifecycle while reducing maintenance, even when the detectors are installed in clogged, dusty environments.

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