Take a look at the first self-optimizing dynamic valve that can be connected to the cloud. This device has integrated flow and temperature sensors and extensive functions to improve the energy efficiency of HVAC systems. Its control functions allow the hydraulic system to be balanced dynamically. The valve can be commissioned quickly and reliably and extra functions can be downloaded from the cloud at any time. So the Intelligent Valve is always up-to-date and connected. And so are you!

Optimization of heat exchangers

The average temperature, the flow rate and the capacity are measured continuously. These measurement values are used to monitor the Intelligent Valves to see whether their settings are in line with optimum working of the heat exchanger.  What’s more, a heat exchanger that is working optimally ensures that heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems always work energy-efficiently.

Flexible installation at your fingertips

Commissioning an Intelligent Valve is quick and error-free. Parameter sets can be downloaded directly to the valve via a digital tool. Connecting the valve directly to the cloud is an even more convenient option, allowing values set during the design phase to be adjusted and optimized later on or remotely during use. The modular structure offers very flexible installation options – especially in renovation and upgrade projects where often very little space is available.

The monitoring functions of the Intelligent Valve allow the hydraulic system to be balanced dynamically, similarly to PICVs (pressure-independent combi valves). Dynamic hydraulic balancing automatically compensates for the pressure changes, thereby avoiding temperature variations in the building and improving the comfort level for users. No circuit-control valves, balancing gas valves or complex hydraulic calculations are needed. In the Siemens Building Operator cloud application the Intelligent Valve additionally creates a report of valve settings and energy consumption.

Unlimited benefits

First and foremost you save energy (up to 25%) because the valve can be fine-tuned to the actual needs of the system, thanks to a built-in servo motor, flow meter and probe. In addition, the valve offers faster engineering, because everything is in one single element based on user-friendly tools, meaning that the cost of working hours is reduced.

Discover all the benefits of the Intelligent Valve and how it works.