The US company Hackrod aims to unleash a revolution in the automotive industry by producing cars using 3D printing. Siemens is lending a hand here, in the shape of the Digital Innovation Platform, a software package that implements the entire process from development through to production. Pure science fiction or coming soon to a car showroom near you?

Printing dream cars on request

Hackrod recently presented a car called “La Bandita” in the Siemens Future Lab that was entirely developed using new technology, such as 3D printing on request. The mold was made in a virtual space and for the frame use was made of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software. Layer by layer the sports car was manufactured using a 3D printer. This development is a completely new type of industrial production, customized to the client’s needs without excessively large production lines.

Integration is running smoothly

Hackrod based its factory of the future on Siemens’ new ‘Digital Innovation Platform’, that combines design, production and service programs in a single package for businesses with a digital mindset.

One of these programs is NX software for product development that can develop optimized car frames via artificial intelligence. It was used to create the chassis of “La Bandita”, among other things. Simulation software makes it possible to estimate how the car will drive, meaning fewer physical tests are needed. What’s more, the data from real crash tests and the driving behavior of the car are to be found in the design software. The major advantage of this software is integration, which guarantees time-saving design, fast virtual tests and problem-free production of the designs.

This could represent a new step for the automotive industry. And Siemens is happy to be doing its bit too.

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