Kaeser Kompressoren SE (Kaeser) specializes in the development and manufacture of high-end compressed air systems. During the recent development of a new blower series, choosing a suitable drive system gave rise to a number of challenges for the company. One of these was ensuring a high efficiency level over the entire control range. Kaeser opted to meet this problem by using a modern compact drive from Siemens with outstanding power density. As well as saving Kaeser space, this reliable, energy-efficient system also requires remarkably little maintenance and so helps cut servicing costs.

Among Kaeser’s latest developments is a highly efficient rotary screw blower type HBS 1600 which has a power range from 132 to 250 kilowatts. Screw blowers are predominantly used for classical low-pressure applications such as aerating clarifiers or washing filters in water and sewage applications or for the pneumatic conveying of bulk goods. One of the greatest challenges which arises during the operation of these systems is the fluctuating compressed air requirement, which calls for continuous adjustment of the flow rate. To address this issue, Kaeser opted to use a drive solution from Siemens based on a Simotics SD next generation BG315 motor and a Sinamics G120 converter.

High overall efficiency

Using a converter to operate the system enables continuous adjustment of the flow rate in line with the changing compressed air requirement. The new Sinamics G120 FSG frame size for the PM240-2 Power Module series is modular in structure and comes with an integrated DC (Direct Current) link reactor (line reactor). Link reactors are integrated in the DC circuit of a converter system to minimize circuit feedback on the primary side. When used in combination with a Simotics SD motor compliant to energy efficiency classes IE3 and IE4 which allows exceptionally high starting and breakaway torque levels, the converter creates an ideally coordinated drive system. This not only ensures reliable controllability but also a high level of system efficiency (IES2) as set out by the EN 50598 standard, governing the design of drive and motor systems.

Efficient, compact, cost-saving

“Simotics SD next generation is ideal for our new HBS screw blower, mainly because of its energy efficiency, compact design, and low service costs.” sums up Wolfgang Hartmann, Head of Marketing at Kaeser. The cut in servicing costs is due to improved maintenance intervals and the use of particularly durable components.

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