Strengthening local skills to guarantee the future.

In Ivory Coast, the Institut National Polytechnique Félix Houphouet-Boigny (INP-HB) in Yamoussoukro has always been a center of excellence in the subregion. Its main aim is to provide the continent with high-caliber executives trained in various sectors of industry. The institute wants to become a major scientific hub to support the technological development of Ivory Coast and the African region.

Training and developing local skills also lies at the heart of Siemens concerns in every country in which we operate.

That’s why Siemens and INP-HB have been working together for more than three years to help engineering students in Ivory Coast. The aim is to develop skills via training and practical workshops. This collaboration also prioritizes bridging the gap between university and business to make it easier for young people to enter the world of work by carrying out final study projects within Ivory Coast companies.

Providing training and building a future
In practical terms, we are supporting the creation of a Siemens laboratory which is fully equipped by Siemens and located at the heart of the campus. This laboratory contains teaching materials which complement the university’s equipment.

The materials include high-tech industrial automation equipment and equipment for managing/protecting electricity networks.
Students are therefore able to test and develop applications based on the products provided to them at INP-HB sites, thus strengthening their technical and practical skills.

Partnership between university and business
Tangible results and new perspectives
INP-HB accompanies and supports students as they learn about our solutions. The institute allows its teaching staff to undergo continuous training supported by Siemens.
Today more than ten students from INP-HB have found jobs with Semen, one of our partners in Ivory Coast. Bolstered by their experience, they are continuing their ongoing training and in turn contributing to developing the skills of students at INP-HB.

Adding value through training and opening up new opportunities for the future of young people: that’s ingenuity for life.