Who wants to be stuck in a traffic jam? The Ideas Train shows how digital technology makes the train an attractive alternative. What did you think of your personalized seat settings, touchscreens for entertainment, orders from the on-board restaurant or quiet carriages for your power nap?

Siemens & Deutsche Bahn: digital partners and pioneers

Deutsche Bahn and Siemens have put their cooperation on the Ideas Train onto an official footing. The Ideas Train is a platform for partners from the train industry to come up with innovative concepts for the mobility of the future. So the impact of digitalization is becoming ever more tangible, even on the train.

This realistic double-decker train carriage was on show from 18 to 21 September at InnoTrans, the world’s largest trade fair for train technology.

In the various compartments visitors were able to discover what a train journey might look like before long: with fitness zones for sports enthusiasts, fully equipped, top-of-the-range workstations, relaxation areas with entertainment on various screens, or panoramic windows to enjoy the passing landscape.

Siemens is the first partner to make use of this unique platform to launch digital innovations. Thus we are creating a unique travel experience for large numbers of train passengers.

Digital innovation for your train journey

Together with Israeli company Silentium, Siemens installed an active noise cancelling system that minimizes the noise of the train, the tracks and the wind in the carriage. Thus we created a serene power nap module on the train, where passengers can take a nap to ensure they arrive well-rested at their destination.

The smart seats are the result of a collaboration with Polish company TAPS. On the touchscreens passengers can not only view or listen to entertainment, but also have access to a wide range of digital services:  travel information, ordering from the train bistro, adjusting the seat position, etc.

When passengers log in , their preferences are stored in the cloud via Siemens Mindsphere. When changing trains they merely need to log in and the film picks up from where it left off, and the seat automatically adjusts itself to their favorite position. So ‘public transport’ becomes highly personalized.

An intelligent camera system detects which seats are still free and where there is still room for wheelchairs or pushchairs. This information can then be displayed on information screens or in the train app. So everyone easily finds a seat for a comfortable journey.

So the impact of digitalization is becoming ever more tangible, even on the train.

Info : Pol Caby