Local partnerships, for a quality local service.

For several years now Ivory Coast has been a major player on the African continent, with the ambition to be among the emerging countries by 2020.

An ambition to which Siemens can contribute. Siemens not only offers an effective technology solution that is adapted to Ivory Coast’s specific needs but is also committed to developing local skills and to bringing its expertise to bear to support the players in Ivory Coast.

Developing partnerships for the best possible local service.
Selecting the best partners and cooperating in the long term constitute one of the key elements of our approach. That’s why we work in close collaboration with a network of more than 20 partners who together cover the Central and West Africa region. They provide a quality local service and support our projects throughout their life cycle.

Siemens can therefore call on numerous skilled partners based in Ivory Coast. These include distributor Sogelec, industrial maintenance specialist Someg, and integration partner Semen. And the recently created Société de Câblage de Tableaux Electriques tailor-makes low and medium voltage electric cabinets fitted with Siemens technology components.

Semen, strategic partner for project implementation
Semen is a reliable, high-quality partner that has undertaken numerous projects based on Siemens equipment for the energy and water sectors, as well as for the services sector. The company’s employees are trained in the latest technologies, enabling them to offer a quality service.

Examples of projects implemented:

  • the electrical installation of the CIPREL gas turbine, which entailed laying and connecting more than 65,000 m of cables and all the equipment for medium and low voltage rooms. This was accomplished in less than 4 months and involved 70 people.
  • the drinking water supply project for the town of Man, consisting of the automatic control and remote management of the entire system for pumping, treating and transporting water to the town of Man’s various reservoirs. The project extends over 2 sites 30 km apart. A total of 5 installations, all using an electric cabinet.
  • the total electrical renovation of the Novotel in Abidjan. This 4-star hotel bordering the Ebrié lagoon in the business district has totally overhauled the electrical wiring and lighting system for its 258 rooms, the bar, the restaurant, the conference rooms, the sports room and the landscaped garden.

Aside from its technology expertise, Siemens wins its customers and partners over thanks to its local roots and its commitment to Ivory Coast. This commitment by Siemens to its customers and its promotion of close cooperation with the local players and support for local skills enable it to play a full part in shaping the society of tomorrow.