Datacenters occupy a central place in the digitization process for organizations. Their performance is therefore crucial.

The strength of an organization is tied in with that of its infrastructure, of which datacenters are a key component. Data, information systems, connectivity and storage are housed in centers that must be able to function without interruption. But how can their protection be ensured effectively?

Security above all

Managing a datacenter is a complex task: you have to see to it that they are constantly powered with electricity, prevent them from overheating, secure their access, and much more besides. A mission that is difficult, but essential, because the digital heart of large companies contains colossal amounts of knowledge and intelligence that are vital for their satisfactory functioning. Hence the importance of effectively protecting these infrastructures. You must of course think of fire safety and cooling the servers, but the protection of the actual data is absolutely essential too: no company wants to see its data being stolen or corrupted.

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