Besides reducing your building’s operating costs, smart technologies can also increase its attractivity, because cutting-edge offices are easier to rent out. And an agreeable working environment is motivating for (new) employees. With Siemens’s Premium Office modular solution, your office building will be taking a giant step into the future.

A well-thought-out working environment has a stimulating effect

The physical working surroundings impact staff productivity and concentration significantly. And the opposite is also true: poor working conditions are often the source of health problems and absenteeism.

Thanks to the digital systems used to control lighting, ventilation, shade and temperature (using apps), it is possible to improve ease-of-use and offer a more agreeable environment. The presentation screens and access controls are simple to use and customize.

Offices that will really impress

New applications connect the building’s infrastructure to geolocation data, thus allowing visitors to find their way around without the slightest problem thanks to the dynamic signage. You always know who is occupying the work spaces’ free-access workstations. And you can easily track all your mobile equipment (such as overhead projectors, PA installations, etc.).

All these user-focused functionalities and services will raise the prestige of your work spaces. Your offices will then be easier to rent out and the businesses that move in will project a more attractive image for digital natives.

Lower operating costs, raised sustainability

Thanks to the real-time monitoring of the building’s occupation, you are in a position to free up space in a targeted way and rent it to other companies, in order to optimize the use made of the available areas.

The combination of statistical and dynamic data allows you to make savings in terms of energy consumption and operating costs, thus significantly increasing the profitability of your office building.

Furthermore, many businesses emphasize the sustainability of their activities and premises, and they like to make this known. These advanced technologies give you all the data you need to calculate and reduce your building’s ecological footprint.

Digital solutions for your building

Siemens’s Premium Office concept is based on digitization. It hinges around a building management platform that controls the different modules via a secure connection and collects information on the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, shade, lighting and energy, as well as on fire safety and access control. This allows you to take proactive measures to optimize your energy consumption and costs, making your building an open, smart and high-yield space.

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